Ragdoll Cat History


The story of the Ragdoll Cat breed began in Riverside, California in the 1960's.  A very unusual Persian breeder named Ann Baker used borrowed breeding stock from her neighbors cat colony.  The original cats were a Persian/Angora-like white cat and a sealpoint Birman like cat.  The Angora-like cat was Josephine and the Birman-like cat was Blackie, believed to be a son of Josephine.

Josephine was supposedly hit by a car and was nursed back to health.  From that point on, according to Ann, Josephine and her kittens were very laid back, non-aggressive and felt no pain.   Ann believed that the car accident had made Josephine this way. 

More than likely, cats from this breed have great dispositions because of selective breeding of cats with good dispositions.  Perhaps Ann Baker also selected cats with these traits.

The Ragdoll breed was first recognized in the NCFA cat registry which is no longer in existence.  Another breeder that bought cats from Ann did more work in the following years to get the breed recognized by other cat associations.

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