Patterns and Colors

Patterns of Ragdolls

Colorpoint   mask around face,all feet, ears, nose have the darker point color.  The body has a lighter color than the extremities. The markings or coloring of these cats is the same as a Siamese. There is no white on a colorpoint Ragdoll cat.

Mitted  mask around face, ears, nose and tail have the darker point color.  The legs are dark, but the feet have white mittens on the fron legs and white boots on the back legs..  The chin and chest are white.  The rest of the body is a lighter shade than the point color.

BiColor  The ears and tail are the darker point color.  The face has an inverted V of white color.  The V begins on the forehead and drapes across the eyes.  The nose, cheeks and chin are all white.  The body has blotches of dark point color and the underbody is white.  The legs are white.  There may be some areas of white spotting on the back.


Ragdoll Colors


Sealpoint The body color varies from caramel to warm brown. Point color is dark brown.

Bluepoint The body color is ivory.  The point color is dark blue gray.

Chocolate The body color is ivory. The point color is the color of a chocolate bar.

Lilac The body is milk white. The point color is a lilac beige color..


There are other patterns of Ragdoll cats and other colors.  We only breed for the colors mentioned above.